Test battery systems more efficient with EA-PSB 10000 30kW

eMobility is gaining in importance. This especially puts pressure on the producers of the relevant battery systems. Only those who can bring innovative products to market can ensure a lasting competitive advantage. The new bidirectional power supply, EA-PSB 10000 30kW from EA Elektro-Automatik, supports electrical engineers in this challenging task.
Modern power supplies for the industries of the future: EA Elektro-Automatik supports the development of photovoltaic systems and research in the field of eMobility.
Figure 1: More power density than any other power supply: The bidirectional laboratory power supply EA-PSB 10.000.

Highest performance
ratio on the market

EA Elektro-Automatik offers with their EA-PSB 10000 30kW the current widest performance range on the market. With just 4 HE the device surprises with a performance of 30kW. For comparison: the previous model offered 15kW from 3 HE.
Thus the power ratio could be raised from 5kW/HE to 7.5kW/HE within one device generation, an increase of 50 percent.

Up to 1.92 MW is possible

With a large number of objects to be tested this power soon becomes inadequate. Therefore EA Elektro-Automatik provides cabinet systems for its customers in which multiple EA-PSB 10000 30kW units can be operated in parallel, allowing a total power of up to 1.92 MW to be achieved.

Multiple possibilities

The new EA-PSB 10000 30kW (figure 1) is persuasive not only through its high performance. As a programmable bi-directional DC mains unit it offers the user the possibility to model different operating conditions precisely. For instance, if an energy store is required to be charged and discharged in differing power steps, this can be done with just one device. For this the autoranging function is particularly valuable for the user. Here the programmable bidirectional source has the capability to provide an increased current at a reduced output voltage. Discharging, e.g. of a high voltage battery, can feedback up to 96 percent of the stored energy directly to the mains. For applications requiring ever higher voltages EA has developed a device with 2000V output voltage. In addition there is a device with 60V output voltage for SELV applications.
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